DW 2.0

This Workshop is intended for IT teams who want to build or review their decision support system. The participation of business users, though not mandatory, is recommended during the requirements discussion phase. The standard topics covered are:

  • Business Strategy and objectives;
  • Business Processes;
  • Data Governance and Information Life Cycle (data and data management);
  • People and Skills (Organization, BICC, Data Architects, Data Analysts);
  • DW Structure and Architecture;
  • Infrastructure (HW and SW);
  • Use Cases, Business Alignment and Value.

Big Data

This workshop is intended for IT and business teams who want to develop Big Data projects. Topics covered are:

  • Big Data: definição e valor;
  • Tecnologias e métodos de Big Data;
  • Big Data Analytics;
  • Processos e Processos;
  • Adoção e vantagens;
  • Big Data, Digitalização e Inovação;
  • Big Data Segurança e Ética.